QI: Series M, Episode 1: A Medley of Maladies


With the sudden announcement this week that Stephen Fry would be leaving QI after this series, it feels right to have a look this current series, and try to figure out what we can expect to stay and to go when Sandi Toksvig takes over next year.

If anything were to be kept from this episode, it would be Matt Lucas. It was his first time on the show and he did very well. He was keeping up to speed on the topics on discussion, with this episode covering medicine. Lucas was great when he was riffing alongside the other panellists, especially Ross Noble and Fry. There was a great bit where one of the questions was about which parts of the body you could do without, and when it was said you can lose half your brain, he jokingly said that Noble had coped very well without half a brain. Noble then came back by saying you don’t need hair. There was also a nice bit where Fry and Lucas were having a go at each other over their poor grammar.

The other guest panellist Lucy Porter was the one who displayed the most knowledge, getting most of the questions right, and as was discussed was also the panellist who had the strongest muscle (the uterus). I was slightly worried that she was a bit quieter than the rest of the male-dominated panel, but you can guess that this will be something that changes once Toksvig takes charge.

There has been concern over recent series of QI that the show has got rather smutty. This was not a particular smutty episode (although next week’s episode has Jimmy Carr on it so can expect a change in tone). In the standard version of the show the rudest was when footage of an elephant was shown and you could see it swinging their “organ of generation”. Things got dirtier in the XL version when talking about “post-orgasmic illness syndrome”, a condition where you are allergic to your own semen.

Probably the highlight of the show was the discovery that the nationality with the best teeth is actually the British. At last, something to be proud off.