QI: Series M, Episode 3 – M-Places


There is one big problem with this week’s episode of QI: the XL extended repeat is not being shown until next week.

The XL versions always end up being moved about for some bizarre reason. This time around it is to make room for one-off drama The Dresser. The thing is that as Children in Need is coming up, QI will be skipping a week anyway, so why not put The Dresser on during the weekend when there is no QI? Awful piece of scheduling.

In terms of the overall content of the episode, the main point of interest was that one of the guests is someone rather unknown in Britain: Sami Saha, a comedian from Pakistan. Several of the questions thus had a Pakistani twist to them, such as how a crate of mangos sent to Chairman Mao by Pakistan’s foreign minister lead to the fruit being worshipped by Chinese workers. One of the best moments occurred when at the end of the story it was revealed that one Chinese worker said the mango was nothing special ended up being shot – something Saha applauded.

Aside from Saha the other panellists were Sue Perkins, who managed to make a little dig towards Mary Berry; and David Mitchell complete with his “logically ruthless world” as Stephen Fry put it. Alan Davies has a bit of a hard time, partly because the Arsenal fan’s buzzer was cheering Manchester United (a town we now know gets its name from mammary glands), but he managed to have fun with man engines.

I would say that this episode was probably weaker than last week’s episode on “Military Matters”, but not having seen the XL version yet it would be hard to give a proper judgement.