QI: Series M, Episode 10 – Making a Meal of It


This week’s episode of QI, focusing on food, makes for some surprising and interesting viewing. Some panellists I wasn’t expecting much form managed to do well.

The guests this week were Cariad Lloyd, Phill Jupitus, and Dermot O’Leary, who talked about the world’s first feast, the most expensive piece of meat, the creature that likes to eat Big Cock shrimp paste, a creature that has 29 nipples, and the dangers of slicing off your own buttocks. We also got to see Stephen Fry performing another magic trick, this time using milk.

The panellist that most surprised me was O’Leary. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much from him, and watching the standard edition of the show it looked like that was the case, but when watching the XL edition you see that he has a lot of knowledge. One of the best moments was him talking about the International Space Station, interviewing astronauts and talking about the somewhat sexist problems with the construction of the ISS.

However, it has to be said that this week probably the funniest panellist was Alan Davies. Alan often gets overlooked by everyone else but this week he really stood out, whether it was talking about his father being attacked by an adder on a golf course, his annoyance at his microwave, or the joy of seeing a joey jumping headfirst into his mother’s pouch.

Be warned however, don’t watch this episode or the below clip if, like Cariad Lloyd, you are arachnophobic.

QI is on Friday nights at 22.00 on BBC Two.