QI: Series M, Episode 6 – Marriage and Mating


Some QI fans complain when an episode contains too much sex or raunchy humour in it. However, when an episode covers the subject of mating you can’t say you haven’t been warned.

Jo Brand, Bill Bailey, and making his QI debut Greg Davies, joined Stephen Fry and Alan Davies on this week’s episode, where they discussed the origins of sex in prehistoric fish, people who have a fetish for statues, the man who advised that you should dissect a woman before marrying one, and what monkeys are willing to pay for.

The outstanding member of the panel this week was Jo who was shocking Alan and indeed herself by the fact she knew so much, displaying her knowledge of Sir Walter Scott’s ancestors, the legend of Pygmalion, and how parachutes can be used on your wedding day.

In terms of the raunchiness of the show, it did not just come from the questions of course. There was one segment that later kept recurring throughout the episode concerning an old stand-up routine Alan used to do concerning the only sexy secret Santa present he could afford.

This episode will not please everyone, but it is enjoyable if you allow yourself to be entertained by the ruder side of humour.

QI skips a week due to BBC Two’s coverage of the FA Cup, returning on 11th December.