QI: Series M, Episode 12 – Medieval and Macabre


This week’s episode examined the more gruesome side of live.

Joining Stephen and Alan this week were Matt Lucas, David Mitchell, and French-Australian TV presenter Julia Zemiro (who previously appeared on QI twice in Series J), were answering questions covering the middle ages and more macabre subjects. Topics under discussion included how airline staff deal with dead bodies, the original iron maiden, the mummy that needed to have its feet sawn off to fit into its sarcophagus, and what Pavlov did not do to his dogs.

Overall the episode was alright. It was not the greatest, but there was the odd moment in it that made it worth watching, such as Alan tricking Stephen into thinking that the Duchess of Cambridge was born in a pre-fab, or Stephen displaying his typical style of ignorance when he revealed that he did not know what a Mini Milk was.

David Mitchell was always going to impress in an episode about medieval times due to his passion for history, while Matt Lucas was the funniest guest partly due to him continuously annoying Stephen in little ways. Julia Zemiro tended not offer much in this episode sadly, or at least that is how it felt in this edit.

This episode therefore feels like a bit of a mixed bag.