QI: Series M, Episode 11 – Menagerie


Many episodes of QI cover the same themes that occur in every series. There will always be an episode concerning geography, one concerning history, and a few that have no central theme at all. This week it was the episode devoted to animals.

Joining Stephen Fry and Alan Davies this time were Bill Bailey, Sue Perkins and Romesh Ranganathan. On this week’s episode they talked about selfies taken by monkeys, why humans have nearly twice the average number of legs as most animals, how tigers are being used to reintroduce a type of deer into China, the world’s deadliest moustaches, and the extraordinary migration of the North American blue grouse – all 300 yards of it.

As with last week, we see the benefits of the longer XL version of the show over the normal edition, as in the 30-minute long episode it seemed that Ranganathan was rather quiet, but in the extended episode he really shines, mainly talking about his time before he took to comedy when he was a maths teacher, complete with stories about parents giving him permission to hurt their children. Bailey however was the best panellist in terms of knowledge, as it is well known that he has a great love of animals.

The one thing about this episode that really sticks out however, is there was a fair amount of stuff that was rather disgusting. The first question talked about how a male moose attracts a female by rubbing its legs with urine-soaked mud, while in the General Ignorance round they showed a picture of someone having a nematode worm removed from their eye, worms that can be up to 7cm long.

A therefore diverse episode of QI this week, in terms of the panel and the topics on discussion.

QI is on every Friday at 22.00 on BBC Two.