QI: Series M, Episode 9 – Messing with your Mind


The latest edition of QI is personal favourite, as I happened to be at this recording personally: a miracle given the gigantic demand for tickets this show has. The last time I managed to QI tickets was back in Series F.

This week’s episode covered the mind, and featured Sarah Millican, Josh Widdicombe and making his debut Irish stand-up Tommy Tiernan as the guests. Among the issues up for discussion between themselves, Stephen, and Alan, included the idea that love at first sight is something of a myth, why making something rhyme makes it more believable, how to pass an exam consisting of just “True or False” questions, and why you should never provide a supercomputer definitions from Urban Dictionary.

Tommy was the stand-out guest of the three, providing some memorable moments such as the difference between fact and truth, as demonstrated by the time he clearly remembers of his father dangling him off the side of a boat, or when he tried to spend one summer teaching a cat to play snap. Stephen meanwhile displayed a series of magic tricks using various machines to print banknotes, while we audience members had to undergo (and humiliate ourselves) during a memory test.

Speaking of memory tests, it was good to watch the show again because there was quite a bit that I could not remember from the original recording which was over six months ago. The main bit I remembered was “The Rhyme as Reason Effect”, which is where you are more likely to believe a statement if it rhymes (e.g. “no pain, no gain”). Reliving the experience helps to cement the information that was expressed.

QI is on BBC Two at 22.00 on Friday nights.