QI: Series M, Episode 14 – Messy


Another week, another time where the XL version of QI is not shown the day after the original goes out. Nevertheless it was still a pretty good episode.

This week was on of general, unthemed episodes of QI, where the only connection between the subjects was that they all start with the letter “M”. Topics this week included mesmerism, meteorology, merkins and the Moon, although strangely concerning this last one, it was not about how many the Moons the Earth has.

Joining Stephen and Alan this week were Sarah Millican, Noel Fielding, and Eddie Kadi, the later of whom is a comedian that most people in Britain are probably unaware of despite certain claims to fame. A comedian of Congolese descent, Kadi has performed to thousands of people at the O2 Arena, and is popular among African and Caribbean audiences, but has yet to make it into the mainstream. This is arguably his most high profile TV appearance to date, and he did well, from talking about his childhood to talking about how many people in Africa talk seemingly with sound effects.

Elsewhere, there were laughs to be got from an English highwayman who tricked a Pope, what Marie Antoinette kept in her muff (as in the thing you put your hands in to keep them warm), what meerkats teach their young, and what a mutton-monger is. Let’s hope the extended version has even more laughs too.

QI is on Friday nights on BBC Two at 22.00.