QI: Series M, Episode 7 – Middle Muddle


This week’s QI was one of the “general episodes” with no central theme, the closest being to the fact that this was the middle show of the middle series, given that QI is ordered alphabetically

This week’s guests were Jimmy Carr, Aisling Bea and Danny Bhoy, who along with Alan Davies answered Stephen Fry’s questions on the mid-life crisis, medical matters, medieval history, Midsummer and mobile phones. This was more of an interesting episode than a funny one, and there several topics that were mention that I personally had always been curious about, such as what colour mirrors actually are. There were also other nice bits such as The New York Times’s obsession with predicting that monocles are coming back into fashion and what non-English speaking people say when they have their photographs taken.

There were still some very amusing bits too, quite a lot of it coming from the buzzers, which in this episode featured a child singing nursery rhymes in a way that Carr thought sounded like something of a horror film. Carr was on good form, especially when given his own monocle to wear which result in him being compared to looking like a ventriloquist’s doll, in particularly Lord Charles.

Bhoy was also good, making his debut appearance. The Scotsman had some digs at the English football team and their easy group draws, while also making some rather disturbing remarks regarding short-sighted singers John Lennon and Buddy Holly. Very funny, but at the same time ever so slightly wrong.

A good episode, mixing some good comedy with great info.

The next QI is an XL debut of the Christmas special, on at 22.20 on BBC Two on 19th December.