QI: Series M, Episode 15 – Mix and Match


While it is annoying that the XL edition of QI keep getting postponed, at least they have been scheduled and we know that they will resume on Monday 22nd February. Plus, we still have the normal editions of the show to keep us going.

In Stephen Fry’s penultimate turn as host, joining him and Alan Davies were Bill Bailey, Jo Brand and James Acaster on a random “Mix and Match” on a vast range of different subjects starting with “M”. This week we learned about the world’s earliest metals, what Americans think we British do with mustard, what jobs a monkey can do, and the true number of paintings Vincent Van Gogh sold in his lifetime.

Out of the three guests it felt as if Jo was the most impressive of the three. She was the contestant who closest to the right answers and was find the right jokes at the right time. However, the other panellists were good as well. This was James Acaster’s QI debut, and while at least in the standard edition he did not contribute much to the way of answers (this may be different when the XL version comes around), he did come up with some of the best jokes on the night.

Overall it was a fun episode. It certainly seems as if it will be good once the full-length episode is broadcast.

QI is on Friday nights at 22.00 on BBC Two. New QI XL episodes are on at 21.45 on Monday nights on BBC Two.