QI: Series M, Episode 13 – Monster Mash


Infuriatingly this is another of those weeks in which BBC Two is not showing the extended edition of QI the same week as when the standard episode goes out. I fail to understand why, and fail to understand it more as to why they are instead showing not something that is new, but a repeat of The Real Marigold Hotel, which you can just watch on the iPlayer as it went out on Tuesday.

Anyway, onto QI itself, this week Sara Pascoe, Josh Widdicombe and Phill Jupitus joined Stephen and Alan dealing with all kinds or monstrous things, as well as other M-related creatures. This time we learnt about the national symbol of Singapore, the viciousness of the star-nosed mole’s skull, the reason why great white sharks bite humans, and the biggest face in the USA.

Although we have so far only seen 30 minutes rather than 45, there were still some things to entertain us and delight us. For example there was Josh talking about the legend of the “Hairy Hands of Dartmoor” which supposedly drive cars off the road, and the wonders of modern 3D printing being used to produce a replica of a Fiji mermaid, a creature made in the 19th made out of half a fish and household odds and ends.

From what I have seen so far, this has been a good episode on its own. Here’s hoping that the extended episode is even better. We already know a bit about it, as the preview clip below shows.

QI is on at 22.00 on Friday night’s on BBC Two.