Real World Crazy Fools Review: Mr Reality TV


At first glance The Worlds Craziest Fools could have been yet another show in which we see kids and animals doing funny things, and grown-ups doing stupid things, but thankfully not. Mr.T takes us on a journey show-casing a number of real idiots, from those who try to rob banks naked (a wizard told him he was invisible) to an old man who pushes a car parked in front of his garage into the middle of the road.

The aeroplane-hating A-Teamer provides some great lines throughout: “Were fools born that way? No some were born lunatics!” and “Quitters never win!”

Rather than being a random smattering of videos that were found on YouTube, the show has a semi-plot that keeps everything related. It adds a fresh taste of reality and comedy which is much needed in a genre dominated by home videos and there are some very memorable moments which will have you giggling with glee as each clip rolls. Even the police get caught, the show takes no prisoners and you’ll laugh even harder for it!

In his closing phrase “wise men talk because they have something to say, fools talk because they have to say something” Mr T even adds a philosophical angle to proceedings… We pity these fools.