Rick & Morty: Season 2

Rick and Morty 1

I have a confession blah, blah, blah. I haven’t watched Rick and Morty before. All of its apparently impressive first season: zero familiarity. But I’ve slunk onto the band wagon at the beginning of season 2 (the first three episodes to be exact) and I’m seriously considering exploring the backstory.

I feel like this review should be in the form of an amorphous blob or a version of Connect-4 in which ants battle a particularly aggressive shade of blue. That’s the kind of show Rick and Morty is in season 2: unexpected, open to interpretation and just non-preachy enough.

To return to my earlier point about considering a backstory exploration, I think that’s one of the best indication of quality. If jumping in halfway through something is sufficiently easy and enjoyable, you end up wanting to give more of your time to appreciating it.

Plots include: eccentric/mad scientist Rick rekindling an old romance with a hive-mind. Fun and games with alternate timelines and a daycare centre for Morty’s dad(s). Full disclosure, I had to triple check the above use of the names ‘Rick’ and ‘Morty’ because I couldn’t remember which was which. Not relevant to the review, just a thing.

Rick and Morty quite obviously belongs to that new ripple of animated shows (Regular Show, Adventure Time, Aqua Teen Hunger Something Something) that have loose ties to reality and wield creative plot twists like a magician’s attractive assistant. But I think the advantage that shows like Regular Show and “Rickles and Morticai” have is that they utilise firmly structured chaos. Ludicrous things happen but the plot develops in much the same way that a brick wall develops as its being laid. Except the bricks are slabs of butter, made from the milk of a sentient tree, on a far distant understanding of space and time.

Rick & Morty season 2 is broadcast in double-bills on FOX at 11pm on Thursdays.