Robot Wars: Episode 2

Robot Wars 6
Robot Wars. Image credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

The second episode of the revived series was an improvement on the first, with a lot more destruction from the combatants – at least some of them anyway.

The star fighter of the show was Thor, a robot armed with a large blunted axe/hammer. He caused the most damage in the arena, especially against a robot named Shockwave, which was armed a scoop made from a gas main pipe, which Thor totally destroyed. However, it was not the only battle between Thor and Shockwave, and the other battle was, well, shocking.

We also go to see the House Robots do a bit more damage, especially from Dead Metal, who mainly did damage to a robot called Foxic. This was especially good because Foxic had to be one of the worst robots in the history of the show. Armed with a flipper, it was involved in a battle with a spinner named Mr. Speed Squared, but it was so lifeless that head judge Prof. Noel Sharkey said it was possibly the worst battle in the history of Robot Wars. Not only was Foxic terrible in battle, but the team captain was all mouth and no trousers. The only positive part of Foxic’s performance is that it managed to get under Dead Metal and push him around the arena a fair bit.

It is fair to say that following this episode, viewers will be getting more used to the format and the show is finding its feet, or rather wheels.

Robot Wars is on BBC Two at 20.00 on Sunday nights.