Robot Wars: Episode 3

Robot Wars 6
Robot Wars. Image credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

If there is one thing we learn from this week’s Robot Wars it is this: don’t make a robot out of wood.

One of the competing robots, Overdozer, was made out MDF and powered by a petrol engine. The result was inevitable but hilarious. One reason that it was so inevitable, apart from the obvious, was that it was up against two experienced robots: Dantomkia, with its rather egotistic team leader, and King B Remix, which has had several names over the years, the B standing for Buxton, where it comes from.

However, while these were impressive, also as impressive were the new teams, and the star of this week’s episode was flipping robot TR2. It was able to take on the more experienced teams and come out on top.

Another positive of this time around was we got to see more action from the House Robots, and in particular Sir Killalot, toying with the competitors, dangling over the flame pit. On the downside, we didn’t see all of the House Robots this time around, as there seemed to be no appearance from Shunt.

Robot Wars airs on Sunday nights at 20.00 on BBC Two.