Robot Wars: Episode 4

Robot Wars 1
Robot Wars. Image credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

This week’s episode features what looks like the next big Robot Wars star – a robot that can take on the House Robots… and win.

The robot in question is Apollo. Designed by some men who worked as Pontin’s Blue-Coats, they described the robot as a “launcher” rather than “flipper”. Indeed, it launched several robots during the show. It managed to launch some out of the arena, even when it had some mechanical faults. However, what Apollo will be most notable for will be that it was able to successfully flip over Shunt, Dead Metal and Matilda. Not only that, but none of the House Robots can self-right, so they were out for the count unless another robot flipped them over. What we really want to see now is if Apollo can take on Sir Killalot.

There were some other interesting robots too. There was PP3D, a robots that was partly made of parts created by a 3D printer; Sweeney Todd, a robot that is designed to move around in any direction; and Storm 2, the most expensive robot in this year’s competition. Although an exact value was not given, it was certainly in the thousands of pounds.

But it was still Apollo that stole the show. With his form against the House Robots, I expect it will do well in the final.

Robot Wars is on Sunday nights at 20.00 on BBC Two.