Robot Wars – Episode 5

Robot Wars 6
Robot Wars. Image credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

The last heat before the final shows a peculiar mix of robots, ranging from comeback kids to bizarre designs.

Among the robots in this heat include Beast, which had no armour – just an exoskeleton; Gabriel, which consisted of two bicycle wheels and a sword placed between them; Ironside 3, which has a horizontal spinning iron bar; and Pulsar, which has a vertical spinner that made a huge noise.

It was also a pretty sad affair, when one robot, the dragon-like Chompalot, ended up bursting into flames after one battle and being so badly damaged that it was forced to withdraw from the competition. It is strange to think that the most damaging thing in this episode occurred outside of a normal battle.

Most of the battles this time around felt a bit hum-drum at times – which in the case of Pulsar was appropriate giving the menacing hum caused by its weapon. Most of the battles went to the judges, who had to make plenty of tough choices. One thing that did make this episode interesting though was that the range of styles made for some odd battles. For example, because Gabriel was so tall, many robots drove between the two wheels and went straight under the robot.

On the downside, once again another House Robot failed to make an appearance, this time Matilda. We really need to see more from all four of them.

Robot Wars is on Sundays at 20.00 on BBC Two.