Robot Wars: Episode 6 – The Grand Final

Robot Wars 6
Robot Wars. Image credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

The most recent revival of Robot Wars ended with last night with the five heat winners and one wildcard runner-up fighting to win the trophy.

Attempting to become the champion were TR2, who has the youngest driver, aged 15; powerful newcomer Shockwave; Carbide, with its rotating steel bar; House Robot defeating launcher Apollo; humming vertical spinner Pulsar; and one-man wildcard team Thor.

There was plenty of damage just in the opening heats. Carbide’s bar was so destructive it destroyed part of the arena’s walls and the match had to be called off early for health and safety reasons.

The final battle was a great watch – one robot has the upper hand before the tables are turned, before becoming a war of attrition with both machines equally matched. It was no whitewash, but a real tussle.

Concerning the series as a whole, I am glad to see that the return has been great overall. There could be some things that might be improved such as the roll of the House Robots and how they are involved in each battle, but other than that things are great. Hopefully another series will be on the cards.

Robot Wars is available on the iPlayer.