Robot Wars: Series 9, Grand Final

Robot Wars Trophy
(C) BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

It’s time to sort out the best from the rest as we enter the grand final of the ninth series of Robot Wars.

Making it to the final outright are Aftershock with its vertical spinner, flipping robot Eruption, bar spinner Ironside 3, horizontal spinner Carbide and drum spinner Concussion. Also going through thanks to the judges is the wildcard Apollo, last year’s champion with their mighty launcher. However, things went wrong straight away when in the first battle Apollo got stuck on a damaged floor after they flipped Aftershock, which landed on its spinner. The battle had to be stopped to repair the floor, but Aftershock damaged the floor again when they are flipped by Eruption later on.

The most shocking moment though came when in a battle between Carbide and Aftershock, one of Aftershock’s side panels flew off and ended up sticking into the bullet-proof arena wall. It was so badly damaged that the robot needed taping up.

As the heat went on, I did find myself supporting one of the robots more than the others, which was Eruption. Apollo were already champions and I knew it would be good to cheer the underdog. Also, I’m getting tired of spinners. Today Robot Wars is just smashing and trashing, and while there is nothing wrong with those, it would be nice if there was more stylish destruction. In the end, Carbide to me reminded me of Mortis from the original series – in that they kind of became the robot you want to hate. You want someone to to beat them because they are so strong.

For the next series, I’d like to see more robots that are able to fend of the spinners. I want to see something more innovative. How that can be done, I don’t know.

Robot Wars is on BBC iPlayer and available to buy on the BBC Store.