Robot Wars: Series 9, Heat A

Robot Wars Series 2
Image Credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Andrew Rae


One of the few welcome revivals from last year, and indeed one of the few things in 2016 that was at all welcome, was the return of Robot Wars, and now the conflict has restarted.

Again Dara O Briain and Angela Scanlon take charge of proceedings with Jonathan Pearce in the commentary booth, and the House Robots causing carnage in the arena. This week the main returning stars were vertical spinning robot Aftershock, who in the previous series took part as Shockwave. Also in the fray were fellow veterans Terrorhurtz and Sabertooth, the latter of whom being notable for not winning a single battle since the show began.

There were also some interesting new robots including Rapid, the most expensive robot in the entire series; Crank-e, who last year defeated former champions Razer; Dutch team Tmhwk (Tomahawk minus the vowels); and “flaybot” Nuts 2 – but there has been a split as the last team taking part, “clampbot” Jellyfish, consists of old members of the Nuts team.

There was plenty of action to get stuck into, and it was interesting to see the range of robots on offer. On one end of the spectrum was Rapid which cost so much, while Jellyfish was made out of recycled parts. There was also a new introduction to this series, which is that the button to release the pit now sometimes instead lets a House Robot go “Rouge”, and come out to attack anyone on the field for 10 seconds.

It was certainly fun to see a variety of things going on in this episode, and let’s face it the fights themselves are still pretty exciting.

Robot Wars is on Sundays at 19.00 on BBC Two.