Robot Wars: Series 9, Heat B

Robot Wars Series 2 B
Image Credit: BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

The second heat of the series featured young blood, collateral damage and the return of one of the oldest robots in the tournament.

Behemoth, which has been around since the first series, has returned and now has interchangeable weaponry, with two types of scoop and a grabber now available. Also in this episode are flipper Eruption and crowdfunded spinner PP3D, who in the last series met each other, with Eruption being smashed by PP3D.

There is also beating robot Hobgoblin, Belgian crusher Cobra, British crusher Draven, and two old teams with new robots: flipper Push to Exit, made by the team behind Dantomkia, and lifting robot Cherub, from the team who made Gabriel, and who also have the youngest driver in the series, as well as the only robot who can do a handstand.

Of the robots on offer, the one that was most interesting to this reviewer was Cherub, partly because of the young team. He was certainly the best in the episode, and although they didn’t get a knock-out blow, they certainly impressed the judges with their skills – even if at one point they got caught under the arena floor flipper.

PP3D however was the most destructive. At one point, they took out part of the arena’s side wall and the battle had to be halted. Its weapon was so powerful that it even blew up. Behemoth’s new range of weapons was interesting, but may not have been needed.

Certainly a very violent episode all-round.

Robot Wars is on BBC Two at 19.00 on Sundays.