Robot Wars: Series 9, Heat C

Robot Wars Sir Killalot
Programme Name: Robot Wars - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: House robots, Sir Killalot - (C) Mentorn Media Scotland - Photographer: Andrew Rae

This time we witness some newbies causing destruction, some oldies continuing to prove their worth, and one man wondering if he might get hitched.

The main returning machine was the axe-wielding Thor, with new armour to protect it from spinners. In its opening heat it was facing Tauron, armed with a spinning bar; Chimera 2, with some troublesome exposed wheels; and Concussion, who have never entered the competition before and are taking part with the heavyweight category first time of asking.

In the other opening round, there was flipping robots Foxic and Heavy Metal, school team Expulsion, and most interestingly M.R. Speed Squared. It is interesting not just because of its unusually low design and chaotic spinner, but also because the captain of the team has promised to marry his long-term girlfriend if he gets knocked out.

Concussion is main team of interest here, because they were in the studio audience during the last series and have decided to go in the deep end by taking part in the main competition first time around. Their “drum spinner” is pretty dangerous too.

Thor meanwhile is nice to watch partly because of the experience of its creator, Simon, but he is also capable of mistakes. When he is up against Concussion he makes a stupid mistake that costs him dearly.

This is probably the best heat of the series so far, due to the varied mix of competitors on offer.

Robot Wars is on BBC Two on Sundays at 19.00.