Robot Wars: Series 9, Heat D

Image Credit: (C) BBC/Mentorn Media Scotland/Alan Peebles

Out of all the heats in the series so far, this has been my least favourite, partly due to a lack of diversity between the robots fighting.

Of the eight robots competing, six of them were spinners of some kind. The first round featured the return of spinner Supernova, fighting bar spinner Frostbite, lifter/spinner High-5 and lifting wedge Wyrm – who last year took part in the wars as the partly wooden Overdozer. Meanwhile the second heat had returning gripping robot Crushtacern, spinner Apex, and two returning bar spinners: Pulsar and Ironside 3.

While all the spinners made for a fair few destructive battles, it felt a bit dull at times seeing just seeing various kinds of spinner taking each other on. You really want a bit of variety to make the battles more interesting. The repetitive nature was not just restricted to the competitors however. The involvement of the House Robots was dominated by Shunt and Sir Killalot, with Dead Metal and Matilda only taking part in one battle in this episode.

The most interesting part of the episode was when Angela Scanlon interviewed one of the judges, Dr. Lucy Rogers, about the different types of armour most commonly used to make robots, and what the differing advantages and disadvantages are of each.

On the plus side, next week’s episode should be more interesting – because it see the return of the current champion, Apollo.

Robot Wars is on BBC Two at 19.00.