Royal Marines: Fighting in the Freezer

Royal Marines: Fighting in the Freezer

There is little doubt that relations between Russia and western Europe have become strained since the oil and gas rich federation militarily supported expansionism by ethnic Russians in Ukraine and began making territorial claims over the arctic.

This BBC Newsbeat documentary follows the Royal Marines Mountain Leader Training Cadre as they school members of the US Marines in survival techniques and mountain and arctic warfare.

Filmed in freezing Porsangermoen, Norway, this short film offers an interesting window into the psychology of soldiering in a harsh climate. As one of the instructors says, “just surviving and fighting in that weather is really difficult. Surviving the conditions is 95 percent of the job, if you can then fire something and your equipment works then you are pretty much there.”

The film illustrates the increasingly specialist nature of a reduced-size British military but also raises more disturbing questions over whether a conventional engagement between NATO forces and Russia would take place? The grim spectre of the alternative to a conventional war is unthinkable.


Royal Marines: Fighting in the Freezer is available on iPlayer until Monday 4 April 2016