Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys: “Morally, Socially And Spiritually Bankrupt”

Last night’s investigation in to the insidious world of using-good-looks-to-steal-from-lonely-men (Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys, C4, 10pm) attracted almost 50, 000 tweets and some pretty vigorous debate from the individuals who had the misfortune to stumble across such a vile documentary. I was one such unfortunate.

The documentary chronicled the “rinsing” habits of three beautiful young women whose prey consists of men who are daft enough to donate gifts and cash to them  – in return for minimal effort on their part. One lady – Danica – charges up to 50 quid for ten minutes of scintillating conversation about what she ate for dinner over Skype, while up in Mansfield Hollie receives 200 for six minutes of financial dominatrixing via webcam. “The last deposit you made in my bank account was pitiful, pig”, she faux-rages. “You’re going to have to do better”. Meanwhile blonde glamour model Jeannette demands trips to New York and designer handbags via the medium of Blackberry Messenger.

The girls themselves seem to believe that they are pioneering in some form of feminist campaign whereby women bleed blokes dry in the name of the sisterhood. “Girls should feel well more empowered”, Hollie advises us. But their ambition to level the playing field in terms of power is tragically misguided and their pursuit of “motherfuckers to pay the bills” is likely to have done little to inspire another generation of bra burners. The ladies themselves insist that they are smart business women, using what they have to make ends meet, but their subjugation of the opposite sex (and unwittingly, themselves) sees them pegged back to the same level of your average posh female escort of the Victorian era.

In the great tradition of noughties TV viewing, I turned to Twitter to seek solice in the views of others. Gratefully, I drank from the refreshing pool of other’s outrage. @RichardBiedul twittered: “Channel 4. “SexLies and Rinsing Guys“. These women are morally, socially and spiritually bankrupt. Emmeline Pankhurst would be proud. #NOT“. While @KrisSoAppalled lived up to his alias, “SexLies and Rinsing guys. These girls make me sick”, he fumed.

And it wasn’t just the male Twitterati who were left outraged by these backward gold-digging antics. @Stephren said: “”sex lies and rinsing guys” errrrr women where is your independence?! #whores“. While @MsLisaRogers huffed :”Now fired up & cross having watched the first 5 mins of ‘sex lies &rinsing guys‘ on 4od. And breeethe”.

Have these girls given any thought to what might happen to their “career” once gravity begins to take its inevitable toll on those perky breasts? “It’s about using what I’m best at to make money – just like a nurse”, boasts Danica. The irony is that Danica has actually made a great success of her business and is fully aware of the importance of social media and the internet to promote her business, why not transfer these skills to another role? Exercise your power in the workplace, not just for the sake of a Gucci handbag.

If not, what talent or skills will be relied  upon once the rosy flush of youth has vanished from one’s cheeks? The girls currently maintain that all of their money-grabbing activities are above board and  involve no sexual contact of any kind – but what will they be left with once a mere glance will no longer satiate their hungry clients? It is perhaps little wonder that the mundane, domestic appliances dwindling at the bottom of their Amazon wish lists remain undelivered…those paying clients would much rather see the benefit of a palette of Chanel slap.

But what did you make of the money-grabbing antics?

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