Sophia the First


Sophia the First – Adult’s View

Judging by the round of applause from young viewers at the end of the premier of first show, of the new Disney Junior TV series Sophia the First – it will be a big hit.

Instead of Disney’s usual grown up princesses, this animated series focuses on an ordinary little girl, Sophia, who becomes a princess overnight when her mother marries the king. The series follows her learning not just to look like a princess but how to foster the characteristics of a true princess such as honesty, loyalty, courage and compassion.

We see her adjusting to her new royal lifestyle and glamorous events such as flying horse racing in the show we watched. We also see her getting to know her new step brother prince, James and step-sister princess, Amber. Fortunately she gets the support of lots of appealing Disney animals and there is even a song or two.

The stories are simply told to communicate positive messages to a younger age group of around 2-7 year olds. Certainly, in this first show we saw that girls can compete in a ‘boys’ world, the value of good sportsmanship, the importance of telling the truth and that both boys and girls can achieve just about anything if they believe in themselves and work hard. The central royal family even mirrors many modern families with children from different marriages living together. My critics aged 9 and 5 really enjoyed it – see Poppy’s review below.


Junior reporter Princess Poppy with Merlin the Pirate

Sophia the First – Kid’s View

It was great that Sophia the first could talk to animals and that the movie was saying girls can do as well as boys. Sophia has a step older brother and sister. The step-brother is someone that looks after Sophia. Her step-sister mostly tells her what to do but she still loves Sophia.

Sophia has animals in her room and they help her when she makes a mistake. I would give this show a 9/10. Sophia used to be poor but then she became a little princess. Unlike all the other Disney princesses Sophia is a young princess as she’s only six years old. Her parents are king and queen and they are very, very nice.

By Poppy Brown

The Sophia the First series launched on Disney Junior on 8th March at 5.25 pm.