Stag: Episode 3

Stag 5

As we reach the bloody conclusion of the stag party from Hell, it is probably safe to say that no-one will guess who the killer is.

Last week we were left with just four members of the party still alive: geography teacher Ian (Jim Howick), groom Johnners (Stephen Campbell Moore), best man Ledge (JJ Field) and the secretly gay Mexican (Amit Shah). They have since encountered the heavily disguised killer, dressed head-to-toe in forest camouflage, tooled up, and riding a quadbike.

An attempt to trap the killer just results in Johnners getting a non-fatal gunshot wound. Later Ian decides to direct the party in the direction of some pylons, which takes them to a hydroelectric dam, but this results in even more death, and even more typical stag embarrassment. It is eventually decided that Ian should leave the party as the killer seems to be after the rest of the party, due to their involvement in the shady “Guernsey scheme”. With Ian away, he manages to discover the killer’s hideout, and we seem to finally discover the killer’s identity.

The identity of the killer is someone that probably no-one was expecting. I have been talking to a few people about the killer, but I don’t recall anyone figuring the right answer out. This is especially true when you witness the final twist at the end of the episode.

Stag has been a wonderful mix of comedy and action. Probably the action has been the better of the two elements, but both have been interwoven wonderfully to create a brilliant, if short-lived series. It certainly has picked up the respect of the critics, and hopefully creator Jim Field Smith will bring the same creativity to his next project.

At the very least, we can enjoy some Elton John… “I’m still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah…”

Stag will be released on DVD by the BBC on 21st March.