Taskmaster: Series Two, Episode 3 review – A pistachio eclair

Taskmaster Series Two 5

In this week’s episode of Taskmaster we see artistic silhouettes, a huge number of Calippos, and the return of old friends.

An exciting prize was on offer to the winners of tonight’s episode, as the prize task was to bring the best dinner party guest. Joe Wilkinson won this challenge by bringing along Britain’s sixth strongest man, while Jon Richardson came last for inviting host Greg Davies to the party. The first challenge however was a lot more intimidating: impress Cllr. Peter Hudson, the Mayor of Chesham. While Katherine Ryan won the task by writing a song about him, it was Wilkinson who was the funniest in my view by offering the mayor 42 Calippos, eight cans of strong lager and fifteen quid.

After this the challengers had to make an unexpected silhouette. While my favourite of the lot was Richard Osman creating an alien abduction on the moon using a glass bowl as a flying saucer, Richardson came out on top with a more artistic effort involving a balloon. However, the most interesting things in this episode is the reappearance of old challenges and former contestants.

One challenge was to get a gift for the Davies, something which appeared in the last series; while another task was the first “Team Task”. The teams consisted of Doc Brown, Ryan and Wilkinson, versus Osman, Richardson, and the winner of the first series Josh Widdicombe. After being given a playing card by assistant Alex Horne, the task involved each of the three challenges being placed in a bandstand, and having to pass a potato from between the two bandstands furthers apart: a task made more difficult by having one challenger blindfolded, another unable to hear and the third not being allowed to talk. As with the last two episodes, Taskmaster seem to be very keen on coming up with odd challenges involving potatoes.

This episode does feel like an improvement on last week as everyone was keen on trying to complete all the tasks, even if they knew they were not going to come out on top. Richardson was even too embarrassed to watch his attempt at impressing the mayor, but he still gave it a go at the time. Plus, while Wilkinson may not be winning, he is certainly coming across as the people’s favourite.

Taskmaster in on Dave on Tuesday nights at 22.00.