Taskmaster: Series 3, Episode 3 – Little Polythene Grief Cave

Taskmaster Series Three 3

This week we witness one of most disgusting ways to win a challenge ever, a return of a classic task, and some balloon-on-bread action.

The prize task sees the contestants trying to impress Greg Davies and Alex Horne by bringing their best battery operated item. Luckily no-one went anything rude, but there was something rude in the first task proper: filling an eggcup with as much of their own sweat as possible. Rob Beckett was also cheekily given an extra task to do at the same time, which was to do the whole challenge while speaking in an accent that was not his own, which resulted in him speaking just about every known accent and some unknown, while eating peppers.

While Paul Chowdhry exercised, Dave Gorman built his own little Clingfilm greenhouse and Sara Pascoe purchased the sweat of the people filming her, Al Murray went to extreme lengths, claiming that sweat and urine were made of the same things, and thus filling the eggcup with that liquid instead. Fortunately he was disqualified, and quite right too.

Elsewhere, we witnessed Beckett making a human domino rally; the panel completing the now classic “buy a gift for the Taskmaster” challenge with Gorman paying tribute to Davies’s hometown of Wem, Shropshire; making meals in the shape of flags leading to the Pub Landlord making a beautiful British flag from rice; and the difficulties of using bread to hold down helium-filled balloons.

This is one of the best episodes so far, partly because of the range of skills displayed, but it is also one of the most disturbing, and not just because Murray thinks that sweat and urine are interchangeable. A flag might look pretty, but you don’t necessarily want to eat a meal based on one.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 22.00 on Tuesday nights.