Taskmaster: Series 3, Episode 1 – Pea in a Haystack

Taskmaster Series Three 1

Dave’s challenge game show returns, complete with frozen peas, not-so-frozen snowmen, and some swede-on-Swede action.

Joining Greg Davies and Alex Horne for this series this time are comedians Al Murray, Dave Gorman, Paul Chowdhry, Rob Beckett and Sara Pascoe. After sorting out the prize task, with the winner of this episode getting five flamboyant clocks – only one of which really counts as a clock as they also consisted of a sundial, a stove and a microwave oven – the comics were challenged to get to a microwave before it finished cooking soup in as few steps as possible, in a path blocked by hurdles and crash mats. It seems Chowdhry is going to be the least likely contestant to win judging by this first task, as he just stepped on the hurdles.

Following this we had the challenge of propelling a pea the furthest, making sure it lands on some red carpet, in which we see Gorman coming up with a devious way to cheat; building a snowman when there is no snow outside, leading to Pascoe to make one out of ice cream and a horrific film of it melting; and the live task, which involves balancing swedes on some Swedish people.

The best bit about this opening episode is the inventiveness of some of the contestants, especially in the snowman task. Aside from Pascoe’s use of ice cream we also had Murray using ice-cubes (with horrific results), Beckett with marsh mellows, Gorman using powdered mash potato and Chowdhry combining Slush Puppies and a white rabbit.

It is a nice start, but we need to wait a bit to see how it compares to the previous two series.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 22.00 on Tuesday nights.