Taskmaster: Series Two – Episode 2: Pork is a sausage

Taskmaster Series Two 3

On this week’s episode of the comedy challenge show, we watch some disturbing music videos, horrible culinary habits, and learn that Joe Wilkinson looks like a battered toaster.

Beginning with the prize task in which hosts Greg Davies and Alex Horne awarded points to person with the trendiest clothing – top marks going to Doc Brown for his rubber converse shoes – the first task proper was quiet simple: eat an egg the quickest. The one problem was that the egg was raw. Obviously there was going to be one person, namely Richard Osman, just ate the raw egg straight away (which you should not do), but the most entertaining was Wilkinson who knew he was not going to win the challenge, so just made himself a nice breakfast. Shockingly Katherine Ryan couldn’t bring herself to do the challenge – which is annoying because we don’t get to see anything funny.

The best challenge of the episode involved making a music video for a nursery rhyme. Brown was always going to come out on top as a rapper, but rightly in my view he tied with Jon Richardson with what ended up coming across as “Three Blind Mice” if it was performed by Radiohead. Also during the show we had the contestants photographing things that looked like themselves; Osman completely failing at ordering a pizza (although to be fair he couldn’t use certain words, like “pizza”); and a live task involving potatoes and snooker cue chopsticks. This last task put me in mind of another task last week which involved throwing a potato into a golf hole, making me wonder if sporting potatoes was going to be a recurring theme throughout the series. To be fair, all the sporting potatoes seen her performed better than Wayne Rooney did earlier in the week against Iceland.

Much of this week’s episode was wonderful, especially Richardson’s haunting “Three Blind Mice”, but I am slightly worried about so many of the panellists not bothering in attempting the challenges. It is not just Ryan and the egg, but in the music video challenge Wilkinson just muttered the words to “Old McDonald Had a Farm” incorrectly while Horne dressed up as the animals. The show is best when everyone puts some effort in, regardless of whether they are brilliantly successful or laughably terrible.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 22.00 every Tuesday night.