Taskmaster: Series 3, Episode 4 – A Very Nuanced Character

Taskmaster: Series 3, Episode 4 – A Very Nuanced Character

This time we delve into competitive clothes spreading, deceitful nodding and why Greg Davies and Alex Horne need to watch more foreign films.

With a selection of five shiny things to play for, including Al Murray’s broken torch, Rob Beckett’s almost complete football sticker album, and Sara Pascoe’s copy of “Shine” by Take That (which was not the best prize due to Take That’s tax arrangements), things kicked-off with a challenge to spread four items of clothes as far and wide as possible within 30 minutes. Things thus started badly for Paul Chowdhry who started by scattering his clothes around the Taskmaster garden, then tried to fly a remote control plane with one of his socks in it, which was clearly too heavy a load. Meanwhile Dave Gorman adopted the strategy of tearing up his own shirt so he had five “nodes” to play with.

Elsewhere the contenders had to figure out an octogenarian’s occupation by whispering yes or no question, to which the man in question could only nod, shake his head, or lie; perform a team task using a green screen to make special effects, resulting in some confusion when Chowdhry suggested taking inspiration from Big Momma’s House; Cowdhry trying to have as much fun on a bouncy castle for a whole hour (a task no-one else did), and then everyone trying to post sticky notes on themselves blindfolded.

Over the series it has been Chowdhry who has seemingly become the audience favourite. As with the last series with Joe Wilkinson, the crowd love the underdog. However, Chowdhry has already one episode, so perhaps there is hope. We also learned that if someone has a medical background, they are probably not Dr. Pepper or Dr. Dre.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 22.00 on Tuesday nights.