Taskmaster: Series 4, Episode 2 – Look at Me

Taskmaster Series 4 Episode 2
Image - Joe Lycett. (C) Avalon, UK TV

This week the challengers have difficulty controlling a runaway basketball, attempt long-distance painting, and take part in some intense staring.

After Greg Davies and Alex Horne judged this week’s prize task, which was for the guests to bring in their most boast item (the winner being Noel Fielding for being once named the sexist man in Britain nearly 10 years ago), the first task proper presented itself: to keep a basketball on a running machine the longest without touching either of them. This is where Fielding, along with Joe Lycett, had an early downfall, both keep the ball on for less than four seconds.

Elsewhere, the panel were then instructed to paint Davies without touching a red mat the canvas was on – while Lycett was also instructed to smile with increasing enthusiasm every 30 seconds. We also had the first team task, with Fielding and Lycett working with Lolly Adefope, while Hugh Dennis paired up with Mel Giedroyc to see who can land the most loose flour on a remote target – this also led to the first bit of cheating in the series. Next we had the players putting an egg in an eggcup only using objects on a table, and taking a time penalty if they touched an item another player also touched. Lastly, they had to make the longest chain of balloons while keeping their hands under a hairdressing smock, and looking at Davies at all times.

The highlight of tonight’s episode was Lycett’s long-distance painting, while also having to come up with 20 increasingly intense and rather haunting smiles as time went on. Despite all this he still managed to create a great painting. With his facial skills it is a shame he didn’t do so well in the final task which involved staring at Davies.

Again, it is too hard to say who is going to come out on top at this early stage.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 every Tuesday.