Taskmaster: Series 4, Episode 3 – Hollowing Out a Baguette

Taskmaster Series 4 Episode 3
Taskmaster Series 4 Episode 03 - Alex Horne (C) Avalon, UK TV

This time around our contestants make trailers, disguise themselves, and show why you should not work with animals on TV.

After Greg Davies and Alex Horne dealt with the prize task, with the constants fighting over their five of the best subscriptions (including membership of the Cloud Appreciation Society), the first task proper sees the panel trying to come up with the best camouflage. This ranged from Joe Lycett getting people including former contestant Al Murray to dress the same as him, to Hugh Dennis strapping a door to his back.

This was followed by the team task: Lycett, with Lolly Adefope and Noel Fielding, and Dennis with Mel Giedroyc, coming up with a trailer for Taskmaster: The Movie; after this they attempted to use dogs to get 12 legs standing on a mat at the same time (except for Adefope, who had chickens); and tried to transfer water from one goldfish bowl to another without touching the bowls, using only a selection of useless equipment and constantly commenting on themselves in the third person. This ended in the final live task; a word game accompanied some members of The Horne Section, Horne’s own band.

We are beginning to see recurring elements of the series taking effect: Giedroyc has been pocketing every wax seal used to seal the challenges, and Dennis has so far come last in every prize task. Meanwhile, we also see some of the sneakiness of the tasks. This episode contains the first task where players are docked points for breaking one of the rules – even though the rule is not made explicit.

There seem to be some favourites already establishing themselves, but never rule out comebacks from those who are lagging behind.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00.