Taskmaster – Series 4, Episode 4: Friendship is Truth

Taskmaster Series 4 Episode 4
Taskmaster S4 Episode 4 - Alex Horne and Hugh Dennis (C) Avalon, UK TV

This week Greg Davies witnesses toilet paper art, impressiveness on a pommel horse, and perhaps a bit too much of Alex Horne’s “back alley”.

With five surprising photos of each of the contestants up for grabs – well, four photos and one mask of Hugh Dennis – the first task involved everyone getting one attempt to make the highest splash, and to correctly predict which of the five of them would win the challenge. While methods involved Noel Fielding and Joe Lycett with bowling balls, and Mel Giedroyc and Lolly Adefope spraying with hoses, Dennis was annoyed that he couldn’t climb up a tall tower for health and safety reasons, even though Giedroyc climbs the same tower and used a hose near live electrical cables.

This was followed by the challengers having to dance with a green screen with Horne, to ringtone music, with Giedroyc mistakenly dancing to the wrong track but still doing well; then making a portrait using only toilet paper, with Giedroyc having a problem confusing Barry Gibb with Kris Kristofferson; followed by doing something impressive with a pommel horse with Dennis coming back into the game with his gymnastic skills; and the cagey live task of making the tallest tower with tubes.

We are now beginning to see who is in the running for the winning the series and who isn’t. I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but given that Dennis has come last in every prize task so far, things are not looking that great for him. He will need to build a good comeback, but he did win several of the tasks in tonight’s episode. The series leader meanwhile is clearly establishing themselves as a runaway favourite.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Tuesdays.