Taskmaster – Series 4, Episode 5: Meat

Taskmaster Series 4 Episode 5
Taskmaster - Series 4 Episode 5 - Mel Giedroyc, Alex Horne and Hugh Dennis (C) Avalon, UKTV

This time our challengers engage in small talk, demonstrate differing levels of team work, and attempt some impressive throwing.

With five cute things up for grabs, the first challenge issued by Greg Davies and Alex Horne was for everyone to slide the furthest. This was meant by a mixture of incompetence, with Joe Lycett and Lolly Adefope using only about three metres of tarpaulin to slide on, and liberal interpretation of the word “slide”, as Hugh Dennis, Noel Fielding and Mel Giedroyc appeared to be dragged rather than slid.

After this there was the return of the show’s Swedish friend Fred, as the contestants had maintain constant eye contact with him and make small talk, while putting on a wetsuit; this was followed by a team task where everyone was given different things to fill or cover a bath with; then they had to impressively throw something into something; and finally the live task which involved making the longest continuous noise.

In this episode we witness a chance in form. Fielding has been doing good in the previous episodes but he let himself down here, as was evidenced by his impressive throw which at the end came to nought, or is somewhat odd idea of what “putting on a wetsuit” means. Dennis meanwhile, who started off in characteristic form by coming last in the prize task, was able to build up points in the other tasks. The overall standings may well have changed at this point.

Taskmaster is on Dave on Tuesdays at 21.00.