Taskmaster: Series 4, Episode 6 – Spatchcock It

Taskmaster Seres 4 Episode 6
Taskmaster - Series 4 Episode 6 - Alex Horne and Hugh Dennis (C) Avalon, UKTV

This week Greg Davies and Alex Horne judged camels being dismembered, a game of “bagball”, and witnessed Mel Giedroyc being so frustrated she used the word “heck”.

With five sheep-related items up for grabs, including a sponsored sheep offered up by Lolly Adefope, the first task was surprisingly Biblical: pass a toy camel through the smallest gap possible, with gaps ranging from oven door handles to a branch of Baby Gap. After this the next task involved trying to kick a plastic bag into a football goal, without touching the bag with their hands. This resulted in difficulty for Noel Fielding who was wearing gold cowboy boots, a flamboyant celebration from Joe Lycett, and Hugh Dennis showing some impressive bag-scoring skills.

This was followed by everyone trying to discover the contents of a sleeping bag without looking inside the bag or taking objects out the bag, and a live task in which everyone had to second guess what the challenge was going to be. However, there were also some extra challenges for Giedroyc. Because she has been so positive throughout the show, they gave her the seemingly impossible task of hiding a ball bigger than herself from Horne in just five minutes – a ball that she also had to previously fill with air, and score a goal with into a miniature net which meant having to deflate the ball again to get it out of the Taskmaster retreat.

This has been one of the more fun episodes, mainly for the extra challenges that Giedroyc has had to complete, even though she wasn’t scoring any points for doing them. Again, we also see some of the struggling competitors doing well, with Dennis and Adefope come top on some of the tasks, while Fielding struggled but still maintaining a strong position. Things are hotting up now.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Tuesdays.