Taskmaster – Series 4, Episode 7: No Stars for Naughty Boys

Taskmaster Series 4 Episode 7
Taskmaster - Series 4 Episode 7 - Alex Horne (C) Avalon, UKTV

In the penultimate episodes of the series, we hop through some bunting, make more bunting out of bananas, and Alex Horne experiences some uncomfortable handshakes.

With five chairs in the prize haul, one of which is actually Hugh Dennis on the grounds that his son used to say his dad was his favourite chair, the first of Greg Davies’s tasks proper was revealed – give Horne his lunch of sandwiches and milk by hopping across the garden, while it was covered in bunting; a task in which we see Dennis wield a blade for the 12 time in the series.

Next was a simple game of hide and seek with Horne as the seeker. This was a task in which we learned that Noel Fielding should sometimes not wear a yellow boiler suit with a skeleton painted on it, but Lolly Adefope is good at finding small spaces. Next was a team task involving a wheelie bin, an obstacle course, and foreign languages. Then they had to unveil a new handshake which they demonstrated with Horne – a handshake that involved Dennis and Mel Giedroyc going gangster, Fielding putting a dummy hand in his crotch, and Joe Lycett stroking Horne’s palm for three minutes while repeating the phrase: “I love you.” Lastly was the prize task – to make the biggest banana using ten bananas.

There was plenty of fun to be had with the tasks, and the final task does reveal two things that had not happened before in the show which I shan’t spoil. However, perhaps the best thing about this episode was the chemistry between Davies and Horne. Since the series has progressed they have built up a comic relationship, with a running gag tonight being Horne trying to give himself gold stars for good behaviour and Davies constantly taking them away from them. Everything is building up nicely for the grand finale.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Tuesdays.