Taskmaster – Series 4, Episode 8: Tony Three Pies

Taskmater Series 4 Episode 8
Taskmaster - Series 4 Episode 8 - Mel Giedroyc (C) Avalon, UKTV

The finale of Taskmaster series four is a big deal: there’s money up for grabs, exotic sandwiches to made, and the most average duck to be drawn.

The money that is up has been donated by the contestants, as the prize task was to bring in the most the cash. With at least £3,062.20 up for grabs – £72.20 of which is in Hugh Dennis’s two million Vietnamese dong, £500 is in a bank note of Noel Fielding’s own design, and £250 brought in by Joe Lycett is entirely in pennies, plus the Taskmaster trophy, it’s all to play for.

The first task proper set by Greg Davies and Alex Horne seems simple enough: make the most exotic sandwich. What isn’t so simple was the second half of the task: eat their exotic sandwich the fastest. This was tricky for Mel Giedroyc who made a sandwich out of chocolate and got an M&M stuck her nose, but even harder for Fielding whose sandwich consisted of bread stuck to Horne, who then did a lap dance for him.

After that we witnessed the players attempting golf with the random assortment of objects, in which we learned that Lolly Adefope is bad at hitting a coconut with an oversized novelty pencil; the contestants tried doing something surprising with a rubber duck, which involved former Taskmaster participant Tim Key hosting a wedding between Fielding and the duck; and lastly the life task of trying to draw the median duck (most average in size).

This episode has featured what is now my favourite task created across all four series, which is the sandwich task, primarily because of the “pull back to reveal” moment in which everyone discovered they now have to eat the monstrosities they have created. This is not so bad if in Lycett’s case you have decorated your sandwich with some arctic roll, but Fielding had to eat some of Horne’s beard.

It is hard to think of how the tasks in the forthcoming fifth series will top these, but no doubt some more strange ideas will come about.

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