Taskmaster: Series 5, Episode 1 – Dignity Intact

Taskmaster Series 5
Taskmaster Series 5 - Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Aisling Bea, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips. Greg Davies and Alex Horne. Image credit: UKTV/Avalon.

The fifth series of Dave’s hit comedy sees elegant boating, pear poking, and cake being placed under armpits.

This time around Greg Davies and Alex Horne t are joined by Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips, who for the first episode are trying to win things that make excellent noises, including an opera singer, an air horn and a looped CD of Kumar’s own laugh.

The first task proper involves giving Horne a special cuddle. It seems that Davies has strange ideas for constitutes “special”, having a fondness for seeing Mortimer hugging Horne in the boot of a car and Phillips covering him in water, chocolate cake and lettuce.

Afterwards, we witnessed the contestants trying to get Horne to shore, having ridden out into the middle of a lake and the dumping the ore, which involved among others things the unfortunate sight of what is not Bea’s best set of underwear. This was followed by Kumar falsely getting his hopes up attempting to get a basketball into a hoop without touching the ball; and the live task involving trying to get fruit into a fishbowl with useless objects while remaining seated at all times.

Taskmaster continues its comic form. The highlight was Kumar in the basketball challenge, where as viewers of the spectacle, we see him seemingly win the task by kicking the ball into the hoop in one go … not so. Horne intercedes and reveals the true extent of Kumar’s small ‘success’ – 50 attempts at the basket as the whole sorry mess unfolds before us.

Already certain elements seem to be recurring, from Kumar’s joyous exclamation of: “How do you like them apples?” to Watson constantly being compared to a heron. As to who will win the series, that is still a long way off.

Taskmaster is on Wednesdays at 21.00.