Taskmaster – Series 5, Episode 7: Boing Boing

Taskmaster Series 5 Episode 7
Taskmaster S5 Ep7. Picture Shows: Aisling Bea and Alex Horne. ©UKTV/Avalon

In the penultimate episode of the series Greg Davies has a coconut thrown at him, Alex Horne claims to be a strong, independent man, and a stuffed French cat gets trapped and eaten.

Fighting for five surprisingly expensive items, from Bob Mortimer’s poo in plastic resin to a gate that opens onto some communal land, the opening task involves walking as far as you can blindfolded and then retracing your steps, only armed with a piece of bread: a piece of bread that few people realised could be used in a Hansel and Gretel way to find their way back. Mortimer also revealed the cry of the people of Middlesbrough: “And that is where I wish to be buried.”

This was followed by making a coconut bobsleigh teaming using only items from the Taskmaster caravan, but they would be disqualified if they used the same items as anyone else, which resulted in everyone wondering if anyone else had used the custom made “Coconut Harness”. Afterwards Sally Phillips showed how useful she would be in an election when it came to task that involved voting for who deserves five bonus points.

Next up was making a gigantic flip-book film, where the films included one about friendship from Mark Watson, love from Aisling Bea, and terrible things happening to a stuff cat by Nish Kumar and Phillips. Finally the live task involved sending things down to Davies via zip-wire – and not by throwing heavy objects at him like one contestant did.

Among the highlights of this episode were both Kumar’s brilliance and incompetence. He can make a good flip-book, but when it comes to retracing his steps he is hopelessly way off. It was also interesting to see a new invention: Bea’s “banana barrier” designed to stops coconuts rolling away. However, the most bizarre moment was leaning that installing a garden gate can cost thousands of pounds, if that installation involves having to become a member of a residents association.

All is shaping up wonderfully as we enter the final episode next week.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.