Taskmaster – Series 5, Episode 8: Their Water’s so Delicious

Taskmaster Series 5 Episode 8
Taskmaster S5 Ep8 Picture Shows: Alex Horne. ©UKTV/Avalon

It’s the grand final! Who will take home Greg Davies’s golden head? Can Alex Horne make more fish puns than Sally Phillips? Can Nish Kumar finish the show with some dignity?

With the Taskmaster trophy given away tonight, along with five other things that are rather more awkward to take home including an entire bathroom suite, the opening task involved getting a coconut as far away from the Taskmaster house, but without touching the ground, only touching something once, and without using a car. This was certainly a tricky task for all, as Bob Mortimer messed up throwing his coconut while Aisling Bea rolled it up a hill with promptly resulted in the coconut roll back to her.

Following this the next task was to create the best graph using items on a beach, where we Bea’s attempt to make a feminist statement about Taskmaster backfiring, while Mortimer claims that the people of Dumfries and Galloway urinate about eight times as much as people from East Sussex. After this came a sneaky task where Phillips was challenged to come up with fish puns in a minute, unaware that during the entire course of the series Horne was also making his own puns.

Then came the final team task, where they had to create a song about a total stranger called Rosalind. This resulted in perhaps one of the best moments of the series, with Kumar and Mark Watson performing a brilliant song, and playing guitar and drums respectively. Most people, Davies included, had no idea they could play instruments. The final live task involved throwing an egg through a basketball hoop without break the egg – a task which ends up being very brief.

The finale does have plenty of great moments in it: Mortimer’s explanation for drawing up a graph about urine is wonderfully funny, while Kumar and Watson turn out to be a musical revelation. If their song was released as a single, I would buy it. The episode also had a bit of an educational element to it, in that you soon learn that you cannot post coconuts to Fiji.

As a series overall, I’m not entirely sure if it was the best one, but there have been plenty of great moments throughout the entire thing.

All five series of Taskmaster are on UKTV Play. Taskmaster will return for a two-part “Champion of Champions” special later in the year.