Taskmaster: Series 6, Episode 10 – He Was a Different Man

Taskmaster Series 6 Episode 10
Taskmaster S6 - Final Episode 10 - Studio Stills. (C) UKTV/Avalon.

It’s the grand final, as we find out who will take the Taskmaster trophy, Little Alex Horne performs some cake-sitting, and Asim Chaudhry gives Greg Davies the best description he has even been given.

With not just the trophy, but five items that would be inappropriate wedding accessories up for grabs, ranging from nunchucks to a voucher for a divorce laywer, the first task proper was a complicated one. Using a limited range of objects and a limited number of places on a ramp, they had to stop three bowling balls from knocking over as many skittles as possible. It was a task that no-one really skilfully achieved, with mannequins, string and buckets full of water all proving ineffective.

The next task had better results, and involved extinguishing a candle from the furthest distance. Some were less skilful, with Russell Howard using a pipe like a didgeridoo and Alice Levine using a hose pipe, but Chaudhry was much more successful just using string. After this was the final task in the house: each player had to say how much they loved Davies in the most meaningful way. Chaudhry performed a homoerotic rap song, while Tim Vine dressed up as Davies’s mum, and Liza Tarbuck got Horne to express her love by forcing him to sit on a cake.

Finally was the live task, where the players had to display numbers that were higher to the player on their right and lower than the player on their left, in order to win rosettes. If they displayed the same number as someone else, they lost all their rosettes.

This was the episode in which Chaudhry finally came up trumps, with both his skill in the candle task, and with his rap about Davies. The rap was right up there with song last series that Nish Kumar and Mark Watson made for a total stranger. As far as the series winner goes, there was no question who was going to win given their form.

Overall, I’m not sure if series six of Taskmaster has been the best, but there have been plenty of great moments throughout the course of the run. Can’t wait to see series seven.

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