Taskmaster: Series 6, Episode 2 – Tarpeters

Taskmaster Series 6 Episode 2
Taskmaster - Series 6 - Episode 2 - Tim Vine. (C) UKTV/Avalon/Andy Devonshire.

Darts, dryness and deception are among the offerings in tonight’s episode.

With five hairy things that aren’t alive up for grabs, including a cut-out of Asim Chaudhry, a ball of Alice Levine’s hair, and a hair from Elvis Presley, the first task that Greg Davies and Alex Horne are judging is darts. However, this is occurring outdoors, and the players have a choice: throw one dart from one metre away, three darts from 2.37m away, or 60 darts 10m away. Tim Vine should excel in this given he’s keen on darts, but then again, he chose the 10 metre distance.

This is followed by the first team task of series six, with Russell Howard with Levine, and Liza Tarbuck with Chaudhry and Vine (teamed up because of their work schedules), each tasked with keeping Horne dry, with two minutes preparation before a shower is turned on, where Tarbuck appears to show she doesn’t know how to pronounce “tarpaulin”. After this is a quick task: take a photo of as many people holding eggs. This involved Vine working with his butcher, Tarbuck working with photoshop, and Howard and his mother working with an Indian cricket team.

After this, the participants had to take a little toy man on an extraordinary journey, which saw Howard getting Horne to dress up as Buddha, and Chaudhry making a tunnel. Finally was the live task, where everyone had to hide a grape in their hand or mouth from Davies while he asked them questions.

The main highlights from this episode were the darts, in which Vine showed off his faraway darts skills while Levine showed no understadning in darts whatsoever, but she and Howard showed great skill in how to keep Horne dry. I did feel that Tarbuck using photoshop in her egg photo was not really entering into the spirit of things though.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.