Taskmaster: Series 6, Episode 3 – One Warm Prawn

Taskmaster Series 6 Episode 3
Taskmaster - Series 6 - Episode 03 - Russell Howard and Alex Horne. (C) UKTV/Avalon/Andy Devonshire.

In tonight’s edition we are read a sexy story starring Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne, Alice Levine spins a bottle, and we sample some homemade baby food.

With five magnificent day trips up for grabs, including touring museums with Asim Chaudhry and dinosaur-themed crazy golf with Tim Vine, the opening task was to write and illustrate a bedtime story for grown-ups that was 50 words long. Among the tales told included Liza Tarbuck’s story of a scatterbrained man who ate an old prawn sandwich in his car, while Russell Howard wrote a short erotic story starring the show’s hosts.

Afterwards the panel had to make something spin the longest that wasn’t a human, with Levine hoping that spinning a bottle for about two seconds would be good enough. She didn’t take into account Tarbuck using a power drill and a toy lizard with a photo of Davies’s face on it. Next they had to identify the contents of three jars of baby food, with a bonus point given for who ate the most. Safe to say this was the most disgusting task so far, especially when ingredients for the baby food include among other things pilchards. Last up was the live task, which involved catching socks but not pants that were bring dropped from above, while looking forward at all times.

This episode illustrates just how dramatically things can change over the course of the Taskmaster series. Levine, who comfortably won the opening episode performed terribly this time around – turns out that a poor idea for a day trip is a ticket of Zones 1-6 on the London Underground. At first it looked like Chaudhry would be most likely to come last, but he is building up some momentum and may avoid the wood spoon.

Taskmaster is on Dave on Wednesdays at 21.00.