Taskmaster: Series 6, Episode 4 – BMXing!

Taskmaster Series 6 Episode 4
Taskmaster - Series 6 - Episode 04 - Asim Chaudhry. UKTV/Avalon/Andy Devonshire.

Tonight we get tickets to Tim Vine’s gun show, Alice Levine makes her own version of the Mona Lisa, and Asim Chaudhry uses a distinctive jacket to disguise himself.

Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne (and for a brief moment Alex’s own assistant, Little Ian) sit in judgement as the players fight for five thought-provoking items, including a spooky album by Billy Cotton and Kathy Kaye, a book by Judge Judy, and the concept of Nikola Tesla. The first task proper involved doing something manly with a cardboard box. Some attempts, like Liza Tarbuck having a lazy box sleeping in front of the golf, were quite moving. Vine meanwhile just stood in the box, topless in the street, flexing his muscles at passers-by.

After that was a team task, where the teams had to have as much fun as possible in three minutes, then await a second task. The second task was to recreate what they did the first time as accurately as possible. Russell Howard drew the short straw here, given that during his original attempt he suggested that while doing the task an old woman would be “rubbing herself”. Next the gang had to make art using a can of squirty cream, where Tarbuck failed to account that cream is not as sticky as you think it is, and Chaudhry used a bell jar and a giraffe to make a point about global warming.

Following this was what looked like a simply task: remove a fiver from underneath a pint. However, they couldn’t touch the glass, and spilling anything would result in disqualification. It’s safe to say that not everyone achieved this, that Horne doing a full MacIntyre Undercover to show some of the spillages. Last was the prize task, where everyone had to disguise their handshakes while Davies attempted to guess who he had just shook hands with.

This episode of Taskmaster was rather appealing mainly because what look like simple tasks turn out to be much more complicated than you think. It is possible to reconstruct all of these tasks at home, but when you try and do them, and suddenly find yourself under pressure, it is easy to mess things up. Taking a fiver from under the pint is something that looks simple, but when you add the other rules, it is clear that something may go wrong.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.