Taskmaster: Series 6, Episode 5 – H

Taskmaster Series 6 Episode 5
Taskmaster - Series 6 - Episode 05 - Tim Vine and Alex Horne. UKTV/Avalon/Andy Devonshire

As we reach the half-way point in the series, we come across the episode with the shortest title, as well as an indication of the plight of women, and the “Lesser-Potted Giraffe”.

Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne sat in judgment as the players battle over five sturdy things, including an egg, a donkey and the calves of Russell Howard’s brother. The first task was one of the oldest questions ever asked: how long is a piece of string? However the string started from a ball in the caravan, from which they could not leave, and the rest went into the house, so they had to pull the string in to measure it. Strategies ranged from Tim Vine wrapping the string around a lobster, to Asim Chaudhry just guessing.

Next was a challenge which involved whipping a table cloth from a table that had ten eggs on it, without breaking the eggs. Without giving too much away, this task witnessed a first in the entire history of Taskmaster involving all five players. After that was a cryptic team task, where they were presented with a range of clues which led to an order they had to do 100 times. While Alice Levine and Howard managed to work together to spot the answer, Liza Tarbuck solved it very quickly, only to be ignored by Vine and Chaudhry, so she had to do the entire task herself.

Following this everyone had to pull off a snooker trick shot, a task where we learn that Levine’s knowledge of snooker is as poor as her knowledge of darts; and Chaudhry is good at making really long tubes. Last was the live task involved more eggs – namely throwing them onto a shelf while lying on a bed.

One of the big highlights of this episode was right at the beginning with Davies and Horne’s opening “banter”, which Horne had prewritten this time, only for Davies to hijack and make Horne claim that he supported Apartheid. I just burst out laughing while watching it, mainly because it was so unexpected.

Concerning the tasks themselves, the string measuring was impressive, with Vine and Chaudhry doing well despite using very different methods. The table cloth task was also astonishing, and Tarbuck’s suffering in the cryptic task was heartfelt.

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