Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 10 – I Can Hear it Gooping

Taskmaster Series 7 Episode 1
(C) UKTV, Avalon.

As we discover who will take Greg Davies’s golden head, James Acaster pretends to commit crime and everyone gets tied up.

As the teams fight for not just the head, but also for five pieces of magnificent stationary (well four, given that one of them is Rhod Gilbert just sending in the same topless photo of Davies, saying that he was “Hole Punch” in Gladiators), the first task mentioned was to put on a boiler suit and lay flat on the ground when they heard a particular siren – however, the siren would not be rang until a future task.

Thus we quickly go to the next task: finding the boiled egg out of six different eggs. However, they could only touch two of the eggs and damage another two, but they couldn’t damage the boiled egg. Although this seemed easy, in the end this task was much harder than it seemed. For starters, just cracking the shell counted as damaging it. After that, the next challenge was to physically recreate a classic video game. This resulted in Acaster pretending to shoot Little Alex Horne in his version of Grand Theft Auto, Jessica Knappett having fun in go-karts as she recreated Mario Kart; and Kerry Godliman attempting to remake Tetris with a “T” block that seemed to have five elements rather than the normal four.

Next, they had to tie themselves up as best they could, with the winner being the one Horne untied the slowest. Now doubt you will have guessed that while being tied up, a certain siren rang. Thus, Phil Wang topped one task while coming last in another, while Gilbert came up with a cunning way to avoid being released by Horne. The final live task was that they had to identify, when blindfolded, if they were being pocked with either a sausage or a finger.

In what ended up being the closest series of Taskmaster to date, with just one point between first and second series, there were many highlights tonight. These included Gilbert trying to hit people in the groin when trying to play his version of Space Invaders, and Wang’s lack of urgency in certain tasks finally coming up good. It has been a fun series, and it will be nice to see who comes up in Series 8.

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