Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 2 – My Eyes are Circles

Alex Horne and Greg Davies. ©Avalon/UKTV

This week Rhod Gilbert writes a story accurately, Jessica Knappett does her impression of an airhorn, and Greg Davies gets angry, but for once not with Little Alex Horne.

With five bold belts up for grabs, the first story involved everyone having to run to a finish line, during which time they had to write a story that was exactly 10 words in length. Phil Wang has some issues in that he failed to spot the pen and paper at the start, so he dictated his story in the Homeric tradition.  Gilbert meanwhile spent over 10 minutes running around in circles, before coming up with story about how long he spent writing a story.

Next was the first team task of the series, and this series it is the boys versus the girls. The task was to paint the best still life picture, but the painter is blindfolded while their partner(s) could only say certain words. This task attracted claims of creating from the women because one of the guys could physically learn over to help their painter, James Acaster. After this task, the next challenge involved everyone being presented with an airhorn, an apple and a tenner, and being given five points if they could predict what a nominated contender did with one of the items, and another five points if yet another contender correctly predicted what they did with their item. It was a task where we come across an odd impression from Knappett.

Following this, everyone then had to draw the biggest and best circle in one single sweep. Kerry Godliman had a bit of an advantage when it came to this as on the day she did the task it happened to be snowing outside, and thus she could draw in the snow that had laid. Acaster meanwhile ended up cycling while playing with a hula hoop and pointing to a circle on the ground, which got Davies so angry he wasn’t keen on Acaster criticising anyone else. The final live task involved making highest tower of cans while not leaving a small hoop.

It was good to see Davies at his angry best when it came to dealing with Acaster. It was also nice to hear Knappett’s airhorn impression, which is much better than her ability to draw circles in chalk on a driveway. It is also interesting to see the roles the contestants appear to be filling, the main one being Wang’s role of making everyone around him feel uncomfortable with his genitalia being clearly visible through his outfit.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.