Taskmaster: Series 7, Episode 3 – Twelve Blush Majesty Two

Taskmaster Rhod Gilbert
(C) UKTV/Avalon

This time Greg Davies tries to translate some silent speakers, Little Alex Horne is forced to drink coffee through a megaphone, and Rhod Gilbert plays with dog dirt.

Tonight the contestants are playing for five things from the nineties, which is a big deal given that Phil Wang’s offer is himself, as he was born in 1990. For the first task, the competitors had to excite Horne the most by getting him to experience the biggest increase in heart rate. The sensible contestants like Jessica Knappett and James Acaster got Horne to exercise; the lesser contestants like Gilbert decided to pour coffee down his throat, which only resulted in it looking like he somehow defecated on the front of his own long johns.

After that, they then had to try and make the best noise. These ranged from Kerry Godliman pushing a balloon through a pipe, to Gilbert dropping dog poo on a cut-out of Davies. Next up, the contenders played golf using a cricket ball. Here we witness Acaster being able to tee of masterfully but also being terrible at putting, while Wang shows it is best not to guide a ball using brooms, and Knappett demonstrates the problem with pipes. The live task involved writing down a ten-word-long fact, and then mouthing that fact to Davies for him to write down.

In this episode we are becoming increasingly familiar with some recurring elements. These include Gilbert being rude to his old friend Davies, while Acaster is being rude to Horne by not saying hello to him when Horne welcomes him before every task. We also beginning to see some inventiveness especially from Gilbert – the sight of him forcing people to drink coffee is gross, but when it came to the golf task, Gilbert demonstrated his skills wonderfully.

Taskmaster is on Dave at 21.00 on Wednesdays.